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REMC Launches National Energy Management Centre for Indian Railways to Optimize Power Utilization

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REMC Ltd, a subsidiary of RITES Ltd, has recently unveiled the National Energy Management Centre (NEMC) at its headquarters. This cutting-edge center aims to efficiently manage energy procurement for the Indian Railways on a national scale. The NEMC will serve as a centralized hub, gathering energy data from 17 State Energy Management Centres (SEMCs) operational throughout the Railways. It will optimize scheduling and

forecasting while integrating generation profiles of conventional and renewable power sources.

With the launch of the NEMC, REMC Ltd takes on the responsibility of managing energy for the Indian Railways, offering a convenient single-window service. The center will provide real-time schedule advice, capacity revisions, and power exchange, ensuring a robust and efficient energy management system. Ajay Kumar Singhal, CEO of REMC Ltd, emphasized the

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NEMC's significance in overall power utilization by various zonal railways.

Dignitaries, including Naveen Gulati (Member of Railway Board), Rahul Mithal (CMD RITES and Chairman REMC Ltd), and additional members of the Railway Board, attended the NEMC's inauguration.

Gulati commended REMC Ltd for successfully installing and commissioning the NEMC, recognizing its crucial role in managing energy for the Indian Railways at a national level. The NEMC

represents a significant milestone in optimizing power utilization and integrating conventional and renewable energy sources, aligning with the Indian government's commitment to renewable energy.

The establishment of this state-of-the-art center exemplifies Indian Railways' modernization efforts to provide efficient and sustainable services. By optimizing power utilization, the Indian Railways will reduce its carbon footprint, enhance energy security, and improve the reliability of its energy supply system.


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