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Twitter Milestone: Elon Musk Surpasses Obama and Bieber in Followers

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Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, has become the most followed Twitter user, surpassing former pop star Justin Bieber and U.S. President Barack Obama . As of March 2023, Musk has over 200 million followers on the social media platform.

Musk has been an active user of Twitter, often using the platform to communicate with his followers and to make announcements related to

his companies. He has also been known to use the platform to engage in controversial discussions and to make jokes and memes.

The increase in Musk's Twitter following comes as his companies continue to make headlines in the tech and business world. Tesla's electric cars have gained significant popularity, and SpaceX has been making strides in the space exploration sector, with plans to

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humans to Mars in the near future.

Musk's Twitter account has also been the subject of controversy, with the entrepreneur facing criticism for his comments on social media. In 2018, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against Musk, alleging that his tweets about potentially taking Tesla private were deceptive and had the potential to mislead investors.

Despite the controversies, Musk's Twitter

continues to grow, and the entrepreneur's social media presence remains an important part of his public image and brand.

Elon Musk's rise to become the most followed Twitter user is a reflection of his increasing influence and popularity in the tech and business world. The milestone also highlights the importance of social media in shaping public image and brand perception in the digital age.


P. Saharan is a Writer at The Speed Express and has been covering the latest news. He covers a wide variety of news from early and late stage.

P. Saharan