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Olive Oil in Coffee? Starbucks Customers Report Stomach Issues

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Starbucks' Olive Oil-Infused Coffees Causing Upset Stomachs Among Customers and EmployeesStarbucks released a new line of olive oil-infused coffees called Oleato in February, and it seems the drinks are causing some digestive distress among customers and employees alike. The Oleato line was first launched in Italy and has since made its way to select locations in Seattle and Los Angeles, as well as Starbucks Reserve locations in New York, Seattle, and Chicago.

Complaints Pour in on Reddit

Despite the drinks being introduced with a tasteful, Italian-inspired palate in mind, customers and employees are now flocking to the internet with complaints. On Reddit, an employee of the chain

started a thread to discuss the latest drink release, with one employee writing that the drinks made half their team have to run to the bathroom.

Concerns Over Digestive Distress

The top commenter on the thread, which had nearly 400 upvotes, noted that caffeine is a stimulant for the bowels and oil is a relaxant, making the combination less than ideal for those prone to digestive distress. Almost a hundred people responded to the thread, with many expressing concerns over their own digestive issues.

Employee Worries Over Store Manager's Silence

One employee also expressed concern over their store manager's decision not to share information about the potential digestive issues

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with customers. The employee wrote, "My store manager doesn't want us sharing this info with customers, which I think is pretty F'd up." This has caused some backlash among customers who feel they should be made aware of any potential health risks associated with the drinks.

Fans React on Twitter

Some are praising the unique flavor profile of the Oleato line, while others are expressing concerns over potential digestive issues. One fan tweeted, "I tried the new Olive Oil latte at Starbucks and it was delicious! However, it did give me some stomach issues later on."

Nutritionists Confirm Potential for Digestive Issues

Nutritionists have also weighed in on the

potential for digestive issues with the Oleato line. Some olive oils can lead to bloating and symptoms of indigestion, and when combined with caffeine, the effects can be even more pronounced. Customers and employees with pre-existing digestive issues may want to avoid the Oleato line or proceed with caution.

Starbucks' new line of olive oil-infused coffees may be unique and flavorful, customers and employees are reporting potential digestive issues associated with the drinks. As the chain continues to roll out the Oleato line in more locations, it remains to be seen how many more complaints will be raised about the coffee's effects on the digestive system.


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P. Saharan