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Mount Everest Death Toll Reaches Four: US Climber Among Latest Casualties

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Kathmandu, Nepal: A US climber has tragically died on Mount Everest, marking the first foreign death on the world's tallest peak this season. The 69-year-old mountaineer passed away while on an acclimatization rotation at Camp 2, located at around 6,400 meters (21,000 feet) on Monday. Despite efforts to recover his body, bad weather has made it difficult to do so.

The deceased climber was part of an expedition organized by

Beyul Adventure, which is a local partner of US-based International Mountain Guides. Nepal has already issued 466 permits to foreign climbers this season, with over 900 people expected to attempt to summit the peak with the help of guides. However, this could result in overcrowding and bottlenecks, especially if there is a shorter climbing window due to unfavorable weather conditions.

The tragic start of this year's climbing season on Everest

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follows the deaths of three Nepali climbers who were part of a supply mission when they were swept into a deep crevasse by a block of glacial ice while crossing the Khumbu icefall.

While the death of climbers on Mount Everest is not uncommon, with an average of around five fatalities per year, the 2019 climbing season saw an unusually high number of deaths, with 11 climbers losing their lives.

Four of these deaths were attributed to overcrowding on the peak.

Nepal is known for its challenging peaks, with eight of the world's ten highest located within its borders. The country attracts hundreds of adventurers each spring climbing season, when temperatures are warm and winds are typically calm. Despite the inherent risks, mountaineers continue to be drawn to Everest and other peaks in Nepal in search of the ultimate challenge.


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