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Google accuses Microsoft of anti competitive cloud practices

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Latest News: Alphabet's Google Cloud has accused Microsoft of engaging in anti-competitive practices in the cloud computing market. Google Cloud has also criticized Microsoft's recent deals with several European cloud vendors, arguing that these agreements fail to address broader concerns about Microsoft's licensing terms. This marks Google Cloud's first public comments on Microsoft and its European deals.

Amit Zavery, Vice President of Google Cloud, stated that the company has raised the issue with antitrust agencies and has urged European Union antitrust regulators

to take a closer look. In reaction to the accusations made by Google Cloud, Microsoft referred to a blog post authored by its president Brad Smith in May of last year. In the blog post, Smith stated that the company holds a "strong number two position" in the cloud services market, with just over 20% global market share. This indicates that Microsoft is still a major player in the industry and remains competitive despite the allegations of anti-competitive practices made against

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However, as the cloud computing market continues to grow and attract more players, it is likely that the scrutiny of big tech companies and their practices will only increase.

In a statement to Reuters on Thursday, a Microsoft spokesperson affirmed the company's commitment to the European Cloud Community and their success.

The accusations of anti-competitive behavior by Google Cloud follow a growing trend of scrutiny of the practices of big tech companies. The European Union has already levied several large fines against Google

for antitrust violations related to its search and advertising practices.

The cloud computing market has become increasingly important in recent years, as more and more companies rely on cloud services to store and manage their data. Microsoft has made significant strides in this market, with its Azure cloud platform being a key driver of growth for the company. However, as competition heats up, it is likely that regulators will continue to closely monitor the practices of major players in the cloud computing industry.


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