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Twitter's Big Move: Encrypted DMs and Voice and Video Chat Incoming, According to Elon Musk

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Elon Musk has dropped a bombshell that Twitter may be launching encrypted direct messages as soon as Wednesday, in a move to enhance its communication capabilities. The latest version of the Twitter app has already been through some alterations to its direct messaging features, allowing users to react to any message with any emoji and reply to any message in a DM thread. It's quite perplexing to think that before, users were only able to respond to the most recent message in a DM thread and react using limited emojis. This sudden burst of changes has definitely caught many users off guard.

Encrypted DMs to Ensure Secure Communication

Hold onto your hats, because Musk has just unleashed a major bombshell - encrypted direct messages are apparently on the horizon for Twitter! This is a huge deal, as it means that messages sent between

individuals will be super secure, with neither Twitter nor Musk being able to peek in on what's being said. It's a major shift in the world of social media, where privacy concerns are at an all-time high and users are constantly on the lookout for ways to keep their messages under wraps. It's hard to believe that just a few years ago, encrypted messaging services were the domain of tech geeks and security experts - now they're set to become the norm for all of us.

Musk dropped a real zinger on Twitter with his recent tweet claiming that not even a gun to his head could make him view someone's DMs. This is a pretty serious claim, and if true, would mean that the messages sent via Twitter would be more secure than ever before. Interestingly, Facebook's parent company Meta has

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experimenting with end-to-end encryption for its Messenger service, but WhatsApp has already been offering this feature for years. It's kind of bewildering that some of the biggest players in social media are just now starting to focus on privacy and security - it makes you wonder what they were doing all this time!

Voice and Video Calls Added Soon to Twitter

Get ready to have your mind blown, folks - Musk has just announced that Twitter is planning to roll out voice and video calls in the near future! This means that you'll be able to have conversations with people all over the globe without even needing their phone number. It's a pretty big deal, especially since direct messages on Twitter have typically been an afterthought for previous CEOs. But Musk isn't content to just let Twitter be a run-of-the-mill social media platform

he's determined to turn it into an "everything app," complete with messaging and even financial services. It's a bold vision, to be sure, but given Musk's track record, it wouldn't be surprising if he actually pulls it off.

While the news of Twitter's upcoming features is certainly exciting, there's no telling if they'll actually be released on schedule. Musk has made promises before, like sharing advertising revenue with creators on the platform, that have yet to come to fruition. So while the idea of encrypted direct messages and voice and video calls on Twitter is definitely intriguing, there's no guarantee that we'll see them anytime soon. However, if these features do eventually become a reality, they could have a massive impact on the way we interact with each other on social media. It's enough to make your head spin just thinking about it!


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P. Saharan