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Passkeys by Google: A Convenient and Safe Way to Access Online Accounts

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Latest Update: Google has introduced a new feature called Passkeys that will make signing in to apps and websites a lot simpler and safer. The Passkeys feature will eliminate the need for passwords and instead rely on biometric authentication. According to Google, Passkeys offer a more secure alternative to traditional passwords, which are vulnerable to online attacks like phishing. The new feature will also be more convenient for users as they will not have to remember long passwords for different websites.

Google has announced the introduction of Passkeys on its platform in a blog post, stating that the feature was in development since last year, in collaboration with FIDO Alliance, Apple, and Microsoft. The main objective of the initiative was to provide

a secure and convenient sign-in experience to users. On the occasion of World Password Day, Google has initiated the rollout of Passkeys support on all major platforms for Google Accounts.

Passkeys are a new authentication method that allows users to sign in to websites and apps by using biometric features such as fingerprints or facial scans, or a screen lock PIN. Passkeys offer enhanced security compared to traditional passwords, as they are less susceptible to phishing attacks and cannot be intercepted like SMS one-time codes. Furthermore, Passkeys allow users to authenticate across multiple devices using cryptographic key pairs stored in the cloud.

Google is now offering Passkeys as an additional login method, which can be used in conjunction with password and 2FA options.

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The feature is being rolled out to individual Google account holders, who will begin seeing Passkeys as an option when signing up for new apps or websites. While the feature is currently only available for private Google accounts, Google has announced that administrators will soon have the ability to enable Passkeys during sign-in for Google Workspace accounts.

Google has disclosed that it plans to replace the lock icon in the address bar with a new icon based on the tune symbol. This new icon is more commonly associated with settings or other controls and is intended to be more user-friendly and clickable. The move is designed to remove the implication of trustworthiness that the lock icon previously conveyed.

The lock icon has traditionally

been used to indicate that a website is secure and that the connection between the user and the site is encrypted. However, Google says that the lock icon can be confusing for users who do not understand its meaning. Google says that the new icon will make it clearer to users what the icon does and will help them to navigate the web more easily.

Overall, the Passkeys feature is a significant step forward in online security, as it eliminates the need for passwords and makes sign-ins more secure and convenient for users. The feature is likely to be welcomed by users who struggle to remember long and complex passwords, and it is expected to be widely adopted in the coming months.


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