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The Kejriwal Revelation: Adani's Mastermind Role in Modi's Government Unveiled in Delhi Assembly

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New Delhi: Adani Allegedly Backed by Modi, Claims Kejriwal in Delhi Assembly Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal accused India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, of being the primary investor behind Gautam Adani, a well-known industrialist, during his address at the Delhi Legislative Assembly. Kejriwal claimed that Modi and Adani "looted the country" in pursuit of the Prime Minister's ambition to become the richest person on Earth. The CM also stated that the money invested in the Adani Group belonged to Modi, and the businessman was just managing the funds.

: MCD Budget Meeting Adjourned After Three Minutes

In other news, a special budget meeting of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) house,

chaired by Mayor Shelly Oberoi, was adjourned after only three minutes. The mayor distributed copies of the budget to all councilors, informing them that a discussion would be held the following day.

: Delhi Student Provides Shelter to Fugitive

Intelligence agencies found that Amritpal Singh was in Delhi before Nepal put him on its surveillance list. Sources indicate that a second-year Delhi University student reportedly provided Singh and his associate Papalpreet with shelter at her rented flat in Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi. The Delhi Police confirmed this through a senior officer.

This revelation has raised concerns about the potential risks posed by individuals who may be harboring fugitives or aiding in criminal

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Authorities are investigating the matter to ensure that justice is served and that such incidents do not occur in the future. The incident also highlights the need for increased vigilance and monitoring of suspicious activities in the city.The accusations made by CM Kejriwal in the Delhi Assembly sparked controversy, with opposition leaders criticizing him for making baseless allegations. In response, the ruling party defended Kejriwal's statements, stating that they were backed by evidence. The Adani Group, meanwhile, has not issued a statement regarding the matter.

The MCD budget meeting's brief duration has raised concerns among residents, with some claiming that it reflects a lack of transparency and accountability on the

of elected officials. The discussion on the budget is expected to continue on Wednesday, with councilors voicing their opinions and concerns.

The revelation that a Delhi University student provided shelter to a fugitive has caused concern among authorities, who are now investigating the matter. The incident highlights the need for increased vigilance and monitoring of individuals who may pose a threat to national security.

As the political and social landscape of Delhi continues to evolve, residents and officials alike are grappling with a range of issues, from corruption and economic development to crime and security. It remains to be seen how these issues will be addressed in the coming months and years.


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