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Tim Cook, Apple CEO, meets Indian Prime Minister before launching new Apple store

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New Delhi (Latest News) : Apple CEO Tim Cook is currently in New Delhi to meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other senior ministers to discuss Apple's plans for expansion in India. India is a very important market for Apple, and the company recently opened its first store in Mumbai called Apple BKC, which

also has a service center called 'Genius Bay'. According to data from Counterpoint, Apple dominates the premium smartphone market in India, with 65% of smartphones sold above ₹30,000 being iPhones.

Apple is set to open its second store in India, called Apple Saket, in Delhi on Thursday. The store will have an area of 8,417.83 sqft and

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have a similar rent to its Mumbai counterpart. The store will have a theme inspired by Delhi's many gates, representing the city's rich history. Before the launch of retail outlets in India, Apple products were sold through resellers and online marketplaces like Flipkart and Amazon.

The launch of the new store is a part of Apple's expansion

in India, which have been emphasized by Tim Cook on several occasions. The company has made efforts to incorporate themes that resonate with the local culture into its stores. The opening of the new store in Saket is expected to create a buzz among Apple fans and further strengthen the company's presence in India's booming smartphone market.


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