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Breaking News: Google Hit with Massive 1,337 Crore Penalty by Tribunal

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Google to Pay ₹1,337 Crore Penalty Within 30 Days: NCLAT Upholds CCI's DecisionThe National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) has upheld the decision of the Competition Commission of India (CCI) to impose a penalty of ₹1,337.76 crore on Google for anti-competitive practices. In a ruling issued today, the NCLAT directed Google to pay

the penalty within 30 days and also ordered the tech giant to implement the regulator's direction to stop engaging in various unfair business practices.

: CCI Imposes Fine on Google for Anti-Competitive Practices

Last year, on October 20, the CCI imposed a hefty fine on Google for its anti-competitive practices in relation to Android mobile

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devices. The regulator found that Google was using its dominant position in the market to prevent other search engines from entering the market and also imposed restrictions on device manufacturers from using competing operating systems. The CCI ordered Google to stop indulging in these unfair business practices and pay the penalty.

Google Appeals Against

CCI's Decision

Google had appealed against the CCI's decision to impose the penalty, arguing that it had not engaged in any anti-competitive practices. The tech giant claimed that Android's open-source nature allowed device manufacturers to use any operating system they wanted and that users were free to install any search engine of their choice.


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